Thursday, September 07, 2006

September is Upon us!

It is amazing to find that summer is truly on it's way out. I have to say, I have been pleasantly surprised at the weather we have had, and feel that I met my goal of spending a lot of time tanning and laying out. It is pretty hard thinking about the upcoming winter months, considering how much Thomas spends outside. There is no way I will get away with spending time indoors with his energy level going full throttle unless his eyes are closed. I'm gearing up for my flannel-lines pants and snow suit to get me through the "freezing" temps (Bruce and Lil can laugh now!) And let me tell you, my hands and feet are cold and my nose runs even when indoors on some winter days, so you can imagine my pain while trying to pretend to have a good time outdoors.

Gym Class- Gym class at Gym Star Sports started up on Wednesday and the teacher remarked at how much Thomas has matured since spring. It was a lot of fun to watch Thomas actually sit during circle time and pretty cute to see him actually sit and try to do the stretches she is trying to teach them. In the spring, Thomas was the little boy throwing a fit and crying as I tried to wrestle him into a sitting position. Circle and singing time was a total hassle for him and he had no patience for any of it. This time he made it through the song and the stretching without complaint, and actually seemed into it. I chased him around for the remaining time, and when we were waiting to get out goodbye sticker, he said to me, "Mommy, I tired out. Need a break. Mommy, I want water." No complaints from him as I packed him up to head for home. We headed into town for our juice and banana bread at Starbucks, then spent the rest of our morning playing on the beach. I love these days because naps after gym are so long. Have I mentioned how much I love naptime?!!!

Words he says- "Oooohhhh, super, super cuddly. Definitely not rough, Daddy!" when talking about his jammies. "Put my diaper on, put my diaper on!" when needing to go to the potty. He wants very little to do with the toilet at this time, and we're not pushing it. "Gas out of my bum-bum" when he passes gas. "Me no like it, Mommy." "Me want my working shoes on."

Enjoys playing "Nest" and pretends he's a bird and wants us to play our proper roles in our own nests. Sometimes he wants to share his nest with us. Pretends to be a baby, pretends being monster trucks, lifters, cement mixers, and various other types of equipment. Enjoys cuddling his stuffed animals and wants to pretend with them. He wants to be Diego and assigns someone to be Dora. Pretends to be a crane lifting different things.