Saturday, February 27, 2010

Date Night With Thomas

It's nights like this when I am transported back to the days when Tommy was an only child. Days when it was just him and I together, where my focus was entirely on him, and not split in many different directions as it seems now. With Coop tucked away in his crib, and John asleep on the bed, I looked at Tommy and asked him what we should do with the rest of the night. He suggested Red Robin. The night was young, so we hit the town! We played video games in the game room, shared crayons and colored, laughed together and shared a milkshake. At one point, Tommy said to me, "Mom, this is the most wonderful night EVER." Tears brimmed in my eyes, knowing this was a priceless moment with my little boy. Moments that are so rare, so precious to me. When I went on further to ask, "What makes it so wonderful Tommy? He said, "It's just me and you, Mom. No Daddy to boss us around, no Cooper to mess it all up." We were able to just be together, and enjoyed the ease at our conversation, the laughter we shared coloring and playing menu games. We held hands walking out, and he snuggled to my side as we walked, then tried to get me wet stomping in a giant puddle by the car, laughing all the while. We then did something we hadn't done since he was little. We went to Barnes and Noble. Tommy couldn't believe all the books, letting me know he didn't remember our last adventure there. This time, though, he was old enough to browse through the books, quite impressed with all the different ones he found, then showing me what he would like to get. We even took time to sit down and share a book together. We did not have this time when he was little and we tried it the first time, nor would Cooper have allowed this time had he been along. It was such a fun time together. I got a chuckle when we headed for the check out line and Tommy asked if we were checking out his selections. I again reminded him that this was a buying store, not a library. He laughed his little laugh, grabbed my hand and started complaining about the long line in front of us. Some things don't change, but this time together was an amazing treat for us both. Simple, but a treasure none the less.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day 2010

Short and Sweet...the boys could care less about Valentine's Day. We have all been pretty sick for a while now, so we weren't really in the mood to party. Tommy didn't even get to attend his party at Kindergarten, as he was running a fever for the 4th day in a row. Cooper enjoyed his party, and the little cards he received, but he didn't even attempt to draw on his own cards, leaving me not only do fill out Tommy's but his as well! On Valentine's, I surprised the boys with their bags and their treats/cards from Andrea and Nana, and they were thrilled....with the chocolate. I don't event think the cards were glanced at! Because we were sick, it didn't seem like any real big deal for John and I to go out, but we braced ourselves for some dinner, got Bruce and Lil to listen for the boys as they slept, and had some Red Robin. While there, we are always reminded that this is where John bought me a soda for the first time, and love was blossoming so many years ago. It never fails to start up a conversation about how it all started and where we've come to since. I am thankful that even though it took effort to drag our sick selves out of the house, it was nice just to get out and away, even for a bit. Tommy was still up and waiting for us when we returned....and we loved it!

Saturday, February 06, 2010