Monday, January 16, 2012

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Saturday, January 07, 2012


Having boys, one would think I wouldn't have to worry about clothes, styles and opinions on fashion. You would be wrong. Cooper definitely has his ideas on what he should wear, when he should wear it, and how many times he will change this on you all day long. Multiple wardrobe changes are his norm, and it is not uncommon to see a trail throughout the house of discarded clothing items, or more often than not whole outfits piled up here and there.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Christmas 2011

This Christmas, both boys are still "believers"- Cooper at 4 and Tommy at 7. That is fabulous, considering how much chatter there is out on the big guy, Santa. Cooper is especially heartfelt about Santa this year, and was eager to sit on Santa's lap in Ferndale and again on an impromptu trip to the mall. Then while on a last minute gift buying excursion to Mayberries, I heard Cooper come crashing over thru the decor section, only to grab my leg frantically. "Mama!" he cried in a loud whisper. "I think Santa is looking at me!" I didn't know if he was happy about this or about to burst in to tears. Santa had spied Cooper from his resting area in the store and made his way over to say hello. Funny thing, he was peeking around at Cooper from the hunting/target shooting/decor aisle. Once firmly in my grasp, Cooper was more than willing to say hello to Santa, this time asking him what he'd like us to leave out for him in a few days. Santa winked at us both and said, "Well, dear Cooper, oatmeal of course!" Turning to me again, Cooper said, "Mama, he likes Oatmeal," in the loudest conspiratorial whisper yet. Bashful Tommy, content to continue to look at the hunting supplies, turned red and would only wave over at Santa. Tommy hasn't turned Santa in just yet, but he did tell John that he thinks that the Santas in town are helper Santas, not the true Santa up at the North Pole.
Gifts were a bit challenging this year. Tommy wanted The Taj Mahal, which now as a collector Lego is a whopping $1500. Not that we were going to pay the original price of nearly $400, either. However, this was basically Tommy's only wish, and he stuck to it no matter how we tried to talk him out of it. Cooper wanted a drum kit and a Ka-Tar (aka, guitar). That was a bit more manageable for us. We ended up with massive quantities of on sale Nerf guns, a cool drum kit, a new Kinect with games, and a big Black Pearl Lego ship as the big gifts of the year.
One night, in near exhaustion, Tommy was tearful. He said, "Mama, I bet I'd get a lot more gifts if Cooper wasn't around. I bet I got hundreds before we had him. And he makes me so mad," he cried. "And I bet Santa sees it."

It was our first Christmas in our new home, and we've been here about a month now. It was wonderful to see the kids decorate the place with snowflakes made with Georgia and candles lighting our first mantle. John convinced us to get a fake tree, and I was willing if only to get the largest, tallest tree I could ever imagine. It worked perfectly, and the decorations that I've been stockpiling for the day I'd have my own house worked beautifully. I felt truly blessed to have a home to call my own this year. Not that there aren't bittersweet moments. The house on the lake has been a warm and loving nesting spot for my little boys to make many "firsts" in. I miss some of the routines we so enjoyed there. I won't forget the 7 Christmas seasons we spent with Thomas down there, and 3 for Cooper. What a treasure they were for us. Grandma and Grandpa had a longer walk this year, coming up the drive instead of downstairs. I can just imagine the excitement in Tommy's voice as he burst through the door to their house. A bit different than bursting up the stairs. However, it's not the location that makes Christmas morning so special. It's the love that fills the space in the home that truly counts. And with that in mind, we were richly blessed....again....yet another Christmas!