Monday, March 14, 2011

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cooper gets a haircut

Every now and again someone would bring up the idea of Cooper actually getting a real haircut. To be quickly followed up by a resounding, "NO". .... from someone, whether it be John, Thomas, or myself, coupled with Cooper's adamant "NO" as well. So days, then months, then years have passed, without more than maybe one trim job by John at some point. Not even sure it was an "event" enough to even take pictures, but we did take a lock of curl to keep. Coop may never truly appreciate the curly top he has, but it sure garners him increasing attention. We can't go anywhere but for someone stopping to touch his hair, to comment on his mop top, to make comments as we pass them by. The curly haired server at Red Robin has commented to me twice now that they should share product stories, and if you have curly, curly hair you understand the necessity for good quality product. (And how the server recognizes us enough to talk about hair is a whole different story!) However, there comes a time when a good thing gets away from you, and Cooper had definitely reached a point where he needed a bit of help with his ringlets. They were dragging down so long they were losing their curl. It was messy and hanging in his eyes. He would even agree with us that he needed some attention, so once we had his buy in, we called up Lindsey and she got him right in.
Chair Drama-Cooper talked a mean tough guy talk all the way to the salon. He wasn't scared. He had no hesitation. He was eager to get his medium sized Lego for being brave. I didn't even sweat the drive over, as I truly thought it was no big deal for him. UNTIL.....he walked in and saw the chair. He fussed, he moaned, he told me "I change my mind!" and loudly, no less. Thank goodness John was there as the voice of reason, and although we ended up holding his hands under the drape (basically holding him down in the chair), he came around once John's distractions caught his attention and he realized Lindsey wasn't going to cut off his head, or whatever changed around in his little mind!

You won't notice a big difference, but it's there. Still the curls, but less "mess". We wouldn't take them down much, though, as this is Coop. Without a head of hair, it just wouldn't be "Coop".