Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tommy's 6th Birthday Weekend!

Tommy turns 6

This birthday weekend was full of legos, fun with cousins Emma and Grace, a BBQ and beach party with friends, and Sunday filled with....Grandpa and Grandma's gift of a go-cart! John's present of a BMX bike was almost lost in the excitement of multiple sets of legos! John and I find the memories of Tommy's birth and baby-hood are strong this year. For some reason, 6 is just hard to wrap my mind around. No longer even a little boy. A genuine BOY. He told us multiple times that this was the best, most awesome, so get the idea. Tonight we culminated the big weekend with a small dinner at Red Robin, just the four of us. He wanted the Red Robin crew to sing, then shyly barely held up the sundae they presented to him. Cooper clapped and clapped right along, a huge grin on his face for his brother.
How thankful for this little boy we are. What an amazing piece of our life he is. How special, how life changing he was to us six years ago. What better parents he forces us to be. The enormous amount of love that I have for him came on so unexpectedly six years ago and has exploded since. He is our pride and joy.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Our little Cooper. What an amazing little guy he is. He's big into legos and tractors right now, loves to dance and wants to be right in the thick of things. He's starting to come around on the cuddling, and I am sure thankful that he is starting to snuggle more. The boys fight over flushing the toilet and who has the most space around mom. He full on fights a bath, and out and out screams if he must wash his hair. He loves puffs, Pirate Booty, chocolate and green popsicles. He'll tolerate pancakes but prefers sausage, and only one type of sausage unless it's grandma's, and then she can somehow get him to eat cereal and oatmeal up there. Not a chance downstairs, though. He'll also eat clam chowder, but grandma told him it was chicken. He'll eat pieces of chicken and Dairy Queen, sometimes chicken at home, and more often than not he'll eat a nugget or two at home. "no salad on it" he'll say if he spies anything with lettuce and tomato on it, and only lately will he try to eat some of John's Subway or Quizno sandwiches, "no salad". Mr. Picky, and he'd much rather refuse to even try it than give it a shot. He enjoys Red Robin as well. He still sleeps in the laundry room, as he hasn't quite decided to sleep with Tommy in the big room. We're getting there on sleeping through the night, but most nights he's still up at least once to ask for something. Mornings he's quick to ask to "go wake Grandma?" and we try to hold him off until at least 8 to at least allow them some time in the morning.