Thursday, June 28, 2007

Silverwood '07 Day 2

The breakfast at Triple Play is the best continental breakfast I've ever seen! Usually I'd say having a new baby is tough, but today's breakfast, in which I slipped out of the room with just Cooper and I, was top of the line. First of all, I didn't have to get any other food except my own. I didn't have to share with anyone. I didn't have to worry about spillage, drool, a mess, appropriate manners or loud noises. I sat there and drank my coffee one sip at a time, enjoyed my bagel without gulping it down and read three articles in the newspaper....all while Cooper slept peacefully in the McClaren. But I digress.....
Today was the big day! The day of many bedtime stories, tall tales and much anticipation since last June. We loaded up and headed out, Drew entertaining Cooper and Drew in the backseat, always the loving cousin. Thomas adores Drew, and has started to copy things that Drew says or does, and when they tried to sleep in the same bed, loved all over him.
I digress again...

The day was full of kiddie rides, multiple trips down the waterfall log ride, roller coaster adventures and water boats. The weather was perfect and the kids and us adults had such a great time. By afternoon it was time to head over to Boulder Beach to hit the water park slides. Mom and Dad took Cooper on and gave me some uninterrupted time with Thomas, John and the kids. We had a lot of fun in the wave pool, the lazy river and the toddler fountain playarea that is new this year. After last year's freeze-out in 50 degree weather, the heat was awesome. The thunderstorms that briefly threatened to cancel our trip before it even started never materialized and the weather was perfect.
Late that night the kids were so exhausted we hurridly grabbed fast food for dinner and got the kids ready for bed. Once again Drew spent the night with us, and several times I had to readjust Thomas, who is like a circus performer in bed. When I fed Cooper early that morning, I stepped through the blanket padding John had set out to protect Tommy if he fell out of bed, and stepped on something squishy and warm. It was Thomas, who was wedged half in the pillows and blanket and half under OUR bed! I felt horrible and a bit nauseated, but he didn't even move. I guess I don't have to worry about Tommy needing a new mattress for awhile.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pilgrimage to Silverwood 2007 Day 1 (The Drive)

After much debate about whether or not Andrea and kids would actually be able to go this time around, we all set about to packing what would turn out to be considerable loads. Cooper got the short end of the stick and didn't get to pack his beloved swing, but we hoped two strollers, a pack n' play and two bags would suffice. I actually started packing on Monday, hoping to avoid the last minute crush and panic, and think for the most part was able to accomplish with John's help. Lil helped with laundry and that made for easier packing.

We have to tell ourselves that the adventure is in the journey, not necessarily in being there on this first day. So, it was fun to stop at the Issaquah McDonalds to feed Cooper and let Tommy run around in the play area, feed Cooper and let Tommy run around at the Starbucks in Ellensburg (where we also met up with the rest of the family), and feed Cooper and let the kids run around at a rest stop somewhere between Ellensburg and Spokane (the boys played cars beside the picnic table, the adults munched on cherries and Grace played with Cooper). Despite my initial anger at assigned rooms that didn't meet my expectations, we all agreed the rooms allowed our kids to play with their toys outside in the fresh (and warm) air, which actually worked out better than rooms we might have had otherwise. Once Cooper was fed and changed (is there a theme here?) we all eagerly hit Triple Play for some action in the wave pool, slides and kiddie section.

The kids are at a perfect age right now. Grace is big enough to toddle around in the kiddie sections, and Jake and Tommy can more than hold their own on the kiddie slides. Tommy was a monster in the wave pool, and even Jake eventually ventured out into the waves with the help of us moms. John was able to have fun with Drew on the bigger slides and it was neat to see Drew old enough now to take part. Mom and Dad watched Grace when she tired and kept Cooper occupied for us, which was truly a blessing for John and I. It allowed us the freedom to hang out with the kids and enjoy our time in the water.

By the time we were ready to head in for supper, I could already tell Tommy was dragging. After dinner it was time for more water fun and then early to bed. Because of the room situation and lack of second bedroom for Mom and Dad, it worked out that Drew slept over in our room. Of course, it was impossible for Tommy to handle himself with Drew in bed with him, so after watching Thomas cuddle and smooch all over Drew, keeping him awake, I pulled Tommy out of bed to get him to sleep with me, then moved him once he conked out for the night. It was a challenge to keep the boys and John asleep when Cooper woke up during the night, but at the first peep from Coop I shoved the bottle in and kept him quiet. Between John snoring, Cooper's night noises and the boys creaking in their bed, it was a long night. I hear it wasn't nearly as long as the night for the others, though. Apparently Jake wanted some midnight snackin' and kept Mom awake for a good chunk of the time. No one ever said traveling with young ones is easy, that's for sure.

Monday, June 25, 2007

He doesn't have to.....but

He takes me to Home Depot with him. He came and poked his head in anyway, just to see if I was still up. Thankfully, mom doesn't force the issue of a nap right now, and he saved me from this rest time. ( The joy on his face as he raced from his toddler crib was priceless! How could I possibly say no? I'm sure the trip would be much quicker without, but he doesn't fail to come looking for his buddy when he goes. It is the highlight of Tommy's day. What they do is a bit of a mystery, but I hear it involves John Deeres, lifters, grease and loud noises coming out of Tommy's mouth that I don't quite understand.

He takes me for donuts AND a gumball!

He takes me to Uncle Neil's house to fix the dishwasher and I got to see the bunny!

He takes me out to the John Deere store in the big red truck. Mommy tells him not to buy me toys, but I like to buy tractors.

He takes me on errands with him and to Hardware Sales. (Tommy knows the way to these places when we're driving around town. When we go out in the county he can tell which road leads to the John Deere tractor store, which road leads to Hardware Sales and which direction to go to get to the sailboat. It's always, "Grandpa this and Grandpa that" when we're out and about. It's pretty fun to listen to him chatter away about his adventures.

He lets me drive the tractor all around and we go to the dump. We go to the Firs and ride all the way. He lets me help him weed the grass and mow the grass and edge and cut and pull and I help Grandpa. (I can't get Tommy to focus on one single activity in the house, but somehow, when I look out in the yard, he's in the same location, doing the same thing, with the same tools, for an extended length of time. Bruce has some sort of spell on him I think)

He takes me to Burger Me and I eat it ALL up!

He plays with me on the floor and plays trucks and tractors and cars and puzzles.

He shows me Danny Dozer on the "pooter".

He shoots the geese with "bullets".

Let there be no doubt the love between a grandpa and a boy! It is truly a blessing!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mothering Reasons

Top 10 Reason I MAY be a good mother...

1. I only stop briefly to examine the puke that has just washed some part of my body, then continue on with whatever is most pressing at that moment.

2. I have no trouble picking a rather large booger out of a nose, leaving the others to their own devices.

3. A clean shirt is considered clean if it only has minor snot drags, bits of leftover food or hints of the dirt pile/beach sand. Urp splots are examined for size and stinkability.

4. I'm only mildly annoyed when I roll over on a Tonka trunk, Hot Rod or other sharp object during the night.

5. I can sing the theme songs to a variety of children's shows, including Thomas, Dora, Jay-Jay the Jet Plane, Bob The Builder, etc.

to be cont. .......

Top 10 Reason I MAY NOT be a good mother...

1. I served Rice Krispy Treats for breakfast 1 week before Cooper was born. AND joined in!

2. I served Rice Krispy Treats for breakfast the other day...

3. I found Tommy eating chocolate icing out of the tub, smiled and wished I could help myself too!

4. Tommy considers his "bath" to be a dip in the lake or the outside bucket. (At least it happens everyday!)

5. I no longer fight the urge to sweep up the sand all day long. Why bother?

6. I laughed when Tommy, in the midst of trying to throw a tantrum, kicked out his leg and fell on his butt!

7. I am NOT intimate with the inner workings of a John Deere tractor nor do I know the correct names.

Friday, June 15, 2007

I may jinx myself for even harboring the thoughts. Some sleep fairy will come in and wave the magic wand to destroy this perfect fantasy. And moms everywhere would think I'm just plain silly to think it such a big deal. But to me, it is truly a small miracle.
Cooper slept from 9 pm until 5:15 am last night! (Wild applause!)

One of the main reasons we waited to have another baby was the fact that for such a long chunk of time we were incredibly sleep deprived. For those who have gone without, you know what I'm talking about. It is one thing to lose a night here or there. Maybe a month or two to get a new baby adjusted. I read books, I consulted online know-it-alls, all which told me my precious bundle of joy would sleep through the night at 6 weeks, then 8 weeks, then three months.....all LIES I tell you, all LIES! John and I muddled through 14 long months with brief naps here and there, taking turns to go to work, switch off at night, then get up to do it all over again. It was very difficult to imagine doing it all over again, and this time knowing that the world didn't stop with lack of sleep and that Thomas wouldn't slow down for sleep deprivation. And now, it is like we have been granted a huge blessing with Cooper, a little boy that has no reflux that keeps him up at night, a baby who seems like his little stomach actually keeps the acids inside instead of boiling over into his throat. John and I wake up each morning, a look passing between, the "look". Did he do it? What is the magic number? It is the most amazing thing. We're pretty thrilled and enough so that I'm going to look back years from now, see multiple entries of this amazing sleep thing, and smile.
Cooper is smiling a lot these days, and now more often than not without it being attached to poo-ing, peeing on me or gas. He loves his diaper changes where he is naked to kick and squirm his chubby little legs, endures his bathtime without complaint and enjoys cuddling and mashing his face against mine at naptime. He also prefers to sleep in his swing at high speed, a development I'm cautiously watching. My mother says "why not?" I remind her that it is not all that easy to take a full set up swing on trips, on vacation, on an airplane, etc. I'm not big on Coop needing a swing to sleep through his naps. Easy and convenient at home when we're trying to keep up with Thomas, not so great for other things.
Thomas is pretty funny these days. When I am distracted from him, his volume kicks up with whatever he is doing. Everything turns full speed, whether it be his singing, the tv cranked up, the repeated requests at increasing volume, or whatever he can do to get back my attention. He wants his friends to come over and asks for them all day long, then hordes his toys from Isaac and seems to believe that if they touch, they take, and he's having none of it. That makes for a lot of work for the Jenny and I running interference between them to keep from too many tears clouding the entire visit. The other day Thomas almost launched Cooper out of his bouncy seat, then frantically stood guard over him, pushing Isaac and Madeline away from Cooper when they got too close for a peek. "No, no no! He's very fragile. He's very fragile," he called, his arms flapping around Cooper in an effort to keep them away. It was quite amusing to see that he was just as protective of his John Deeres as he was with his brother.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Cooper News

Cooper continues to grow quickly, although I think his legs have yet to catch up to his growing chest and head. He's had a good case of baby acne going on two weeks now, and I'm really hoping that this time will pass quickly. He hasn't had the cradle cap that Thomas had, though, which is very nice. At least we haven't had that to deal with this time around. He's starting to chub up a bit, which is always a good sign, and eating like a machine.
God has blessed us with a nighttime sleeper this time around. I hesitate to even breath the thought, but after several nights of consistent sleeping, I'm hoping that it will last. Where as Thomas didn't sleep through the night until 14 months (yeah, Babywise was RIGHT on...) Cooper is consistently pulling 8-2 am and 8-4 am sleep times, with his last feeding at 7-ish. What an incredible blessing this is. The other side of that is that he usually doesn't sleep all that well from 4 am on, and only catnaps throughout the morning, which is not what the books say. I figure as long as I can get some sleep at night then the little guy can hang out all day long if he wants. I'm trying to follow the 2 1/2-3 hour schedule, but when he sleeps like this he tanks up throughout the day, and really, I'm serious when I say he feeds like a machine.
He's smiling now, mostly when I'm sweet talking him on the diaper changing table, and like his brother finds a lot of joy when his diaper comes off. His smile lights up his face, and I look forward to catching this smile on film. It really is amazing when they start to smile.
Cooper was not only kicked out of our room and into the hall, but now he's been kicked out of the hall and into the laundry room! The hallway was not enough distance for all his night noise. The boy continues to grunt, groan and snort his way through the night, and we continued to have trouble sleeping through it even outside our room. We're not entirely sure how we're going to work the sleeping arrangements, as we don't know when he'll quiet down during his sleep times to rejoin our room for the nights. I certainly don't want him sleeping in the laundry room, and I don't want to move into the laundry room to give him our room, so we're hoping he'll quiet down as he gets bigger. Tommy had to move out, too, but I can't remember when he was allowed back in. We'll just have to see how it goes!

Tommy's Sayings for June

"Mommy, I don't want this one," Tommy says, looking at Cooper in the carseat next to him, his nose curled up. "I want him back in your tummy."
"Oh really," I said. "But I kinda like this one."
"No, we need to get another one."

The beginnings of what I hope is a protective big brother.
"Mom, what you doing him?" as he watched me change Cooper's diaper from upstairs on the landing.
"Mom, where is my brudder?" he asked, looking around for Cooper who had vanished to the laundry room for his nap.

"Cuz why dey do that?"

"I got my booger, Mom," proudly showing me his finger. I wondered when it would happen. He's finally figured out how to pick his nose.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Summer's ON!!!

Baby Cooper pics

Still waiting to capture his elusive smile on film...