Sunday, May 28, 2006

Rock Jumping!

Thomas is getting more and more daring. I'd just helped him up onto this rock, thinking he'd take a look around and do a bit of dancing, when all the sudden he takes a flying leap! He landed on his feet, crouched down, look around as if wondering what he'd just done, and then pulled himself up and wanted to do it again. Meanwhile, I stood there in shock, more than likely my mouth hanging wide open. We hoisted him up again and he did this several more times, one for these shots, and then I stopped it, realizing I didn't need a Ski to Sea hospital trip to add to the memory.

Whoa! Look-it that!

Marine Park Ski to Sea Race 2006

Thomas has watched the other kids take pictures and has learned the art of saying "Cheese!" before, during and after a shot. This gives us a good look at all his teeth.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Memorial Day Farming!

We had so much fun hanging out with the family, although as usual, way too short. We arrived late in the afternoon after stopping at the outlet mall, North Bend for a McDonald's refuel, Freddies and Starbucks in Yakima, then finally down the raining, thunderstorming trail home. It was a very beautiful drive out on the reservation, with everything all green and growing. Thomas was calling for Jakey and Drew all drive long, and I frequently had to remind him that daddy and mommy didn't forget, it's just a LONG drive to get to them. Thomas would say, "See Drew, see Jakey, mommy." "Want see Nana, farm, want see them." When we got out there, he seemed to remember everyone much quicker then before and warmed right up to both Nana and Papa. The house looked great with new flooring and mom and dad have partially moved out to their new trailer, which allows us to sleep in their bedroom. It will be great for them to have their own space where they can go out and enjoy some privacy and away time/downtime, read a book, watch a Western, or do nothing. Although the weather didn't cooperative and was cold and rainy, we had a lot of fun hanging out with the kids, playing with Grace, and running around the farm. Grace is quite the big girl now, and very quick to flash a beautiful smile your way. It's so cute to see Jake playing ball and playing so nice with Thomas, and it was a lot of fun to hang out with Drew and toss the baseball back and forth. I can hardly believe my "firstborn" baby is such a big little man playing ball out in the yard where I remember throwing balls with dad. It's pretty amazing to sit back and watch these little ones running around the yard playing together, in a yard I still feel echoes with the voices of Andrea and I exploring our own little "Little House on the Prairie."

It was tough to leave so early the next morning, but good that they also had a BBQ to get to as well. I didn't feel so bad knowing that they'd be occupied with something fun for the afternoon. We'll see them again in a few weeks for Silverwood, and that will be a blast.

More Farming Pictures from Memorial Day weekend 2006

Jake has a pretty good swing for 2 years old. I don't think Thomas has even held a bat yet. That would be our fault, though. He doesn't have an older brother spurring him on like Drew can. We'll have to work on that, as Jake has a mighty mean swing!

Check out this kid's smile. Absolutely beautiful. Boys, eat your hearts out!

Kinloch Memorial Day Friends Weekend!

Although our time was very limited, we had a blast joining our friends for their Memorial Day Friends Weekend! What an adventure it is with so many kids now a part of our lives. The property is awesome for the kids to run around and play at, and the Kinlochs know how to throw fun parties. The women got together for a Saturday lunch that I was able to run up for, and we milked our time away from the responsibility for all it was worth. It was great to eat fun food, share drinks, and chat without interuption. All too quickly, though, it was time to head back. Not before I persuaded Sasha to make a quick Starbucks run for me, though! Fortunately, Sasha, being a fellow Chocolate Addict, understands, and detoured without complaint.

Back at the ranch, the kids braved the unending cloud bursts, hail and fleeting sun breaks, and ran around, playing together like good friends. Thomas wasn't sure of what to do, though. He seemed very distressed and out of sorts with all the commotion and within minutes was asking to go home. "Home, Mommy! Tommy go home, go see Grandpa, go home, Tommy's house." And he continued to cry this way in between bouts of playing with the battery operated jeep. Towards evening, after the BBQ, it became obvious that Thomas really was not happy and was still crying to go home. I thought about it, and realized that as the parent, I could force the issue, or I could take pity on him and call it a vacation. Knowing that I was also longing for the comforts of home and my own bed, I talked it over with John and we decided to call it a vacation. We broke the news, packed up the few things we'd taken from the Pilot and headed out into the rainstrorm, eager to get home.

Name those KIDS!

Top Row- Dawson, Charskie or Corbin, Logan and Thomas

Top of Rock Wall- Charskie or Corbin, Matthew

Next Level- Madeline (standing), Isaac (with Lance holding him)

Bottom Levels- Mackenzie holding Ellie Jo, Lauren, Sophia holding Lily, and Maddie Jo

Monday, May 15, 2006

Thomas loves to go Polar Bear Dippin' in the lake with Daddy, followed by a mad dash to the hot water bucket outside the house. Thomas has apparently inherited my love of very hot water. He fills the water with the faucet almost all the way on hot, and after a few minutes of running, he's jacked it all the way up hot. He'll run back down to the water, play and polar bear dip until he's shaking from the cold, then scramble up the hill to jump in the water. Here he is with sunscreen smeared all over his face.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Planning for a Party and Concert

I have thought of very little this week except for John's birthday and this concert. I'm sad that two very fun events have to be competing for my attention, but of course, my husband's birthday wins every time. I chatted throughout the week with John's friends, trying to determine the availability of their attendance if I should plan one, and determined that it might just work. Knowing John didn't want me to shop for him without him, I gave up the thought of actually buying him gifts that he'd end up returning, and focused on trying to both surprise him with a party AND get him a cake ordered worthy of a surprise party.

This morning I rushed out to a doctor's appointment, then raced off to see if I could participate in some of the morning load in for the concert tonight. It was fun just to be allowed into the venue as help instead of entering as a fan, but unfortunately the artists were too sleepy to get off their buses in time for me to be of much help with set up. Soon I was off again hoping the day would play out as scheduled. Exhausted, I napped with Thomas instead of keeping busy, but after nap time again took off to buy a "fake" cake at Haggen for the evening party. For dinner we ate hamburgers from the grill and didn't even cut the cake before John agreed to take us to the concert in order for me to see the crowd that was gathering. Then it was off to somehow transfer the real cake from the delivery store across the street to The Big Fat Fish Company, where John had agreed to take us to dinner, all without John finding out the real plan.

Somehow we managed to break away from Thomas, who stayed behind with grandma and grandpa, and we headed off. I think John was a little surprised at the party, but he admitted afterwards that he knew something was up. Well, no one can accuse me of not trying, that's for sure. Uhhhhhh......oh well. It was a lot of fun hanging out with Jodi, Matt, Julie and Andy, Lance and Jenny. Unfortunately, Berg was too tired to join us in the festivities. He won't, however, live down the fact that Julie came straight from her away track meet today, when Berg's track meet that was so exhausting happened YESTERDAY!!!

AND, Thomas was still awake at 11:15 when we arrived home. Imagine that! Thomas waiting up for us! How sweet! Brother!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sleep time routines

Tonight I was away from home to pass out fliers to those leaving a concert at the Mt. Baker Theater. We're frantically trying to get Christians interested in a Compassion International sponsored tour stop here in Bellingham, so yes, I was reduced to handing out fliers to people leaving another concert. I felt almost like a telemarketer, and one guy even asked us if we were handing out tracts. He wasn't too happy with us, despite us telling him "No, it another concert opportunity," (you jerk!---uhhh, no, I didn't quite let that out, of course.) I thought Thomas would for sure be in bed by the time I got home. After all, it was after 10 pm. But no, Thomas was still fighting it, however exhausted he really was. John said he had been crying for me, asking for me, even though he knew Mommy was "running an errand." I went in, picked him up, rocked and cuddled with him, then put him down. And he was out like that. Funny how all the rules you know to follow about bedtime routines, not getting your child into the habit of rocking him, tucking in then walking out, and such, all have deserted me now. I have co-workers that talk about their children who are now either in college or out of college and I am constantly reminded how short my time with Thomas truly is. It may be hard down the road, but today, tonight and tomorrow I will cuddle, hold, rock, snuggle, kiss and smooch my baby boy for as long as he should want me to. Bedtimes may be late, but Thomas is two but once in his life. I cherish every moment I have with this beautiful little guy.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Today was my day off, but it just felt like another jammed day of work for me. Somehow I find myself interested in helping promote a concert that is coming up here in Bellingham, and I'm super excited about it. I walked into Jan and LInda's office and felt such a feeling of frustration that it has spurred me into action, and whether it be misplaced energy or God using me, I'm off and running. Fortunately, I can hide my true agenda from my son under the disguises of lots of bye-bye new car and treats out in Lynden. The day was full of phone calls, frantic trips around town passing out fliers, a trip out to my doctor to deal with an increasing problem in my neck followed by a quick trip to a church to coerce them into putting my oversized fliers in their church bulletin (someday I'll remind these people of their silly policies and see if God finds it funny then) and then also trying to go about our daily activities without too much disruption. Many of my phone calls left at churches went un returned, and I find it especially appalling that God's minister's are so pathetically unprofessional. I'm not going to pull any punches. There are men and women of God in this community that will answer for the way they behave towards the public, and I pray that there is justice for those mistreated by people playing Christian. I won't name names, but there are some whose name I will never forget (ah-choo Reverand Barry at that Shalom Center) ah-choo) While Thomas napped I pounded away at the phone, schemed for face time at the weekly youth pastor's meeting in Lynden and tried to figure out how to arrange someone to watch Thomas while I took care of it all. Thomas enjoyed our trip out to Lynden, pointing out the many cows, horses and barns he found along the way. "Oh, look!" he'd cry out. "Look, mommy!" "T'sat, Mommy?" when he didn't quite know what it was. "T'sat noise, Mommy?" when he didn't know what was making a particular sound. We enjoyed treats at a roadside espresso stand and headed for home.

Monday, May 01, 2006

After reading an article about kid friendly yards, I decided to try to introduce Thomas to gardening. Bruce and Lil okay a summer location on the side of the garage and John clearned and tilled up the soil. Now it was time to find the plants. So off we went to different stores, trying to find just the perfect plant start, one with super powers to grow big and strong without any help from a person who kills any plant she just looks at. Unfortunately the article failed to point out that children like Thomas (or maybe just Thomas) don't really care about gardening at 2 years old. They don't care if they smoosh the plants, rip all the leaves off, or flood the little seeds out of their holes into the open rocks. Thomas had loads of fun tromping through the newly planted garden, splashing in the puddles and pulling out the new starts. He had a a blast! Amazingly, it looks like some of the plants are actually growing. Now whether they actually produce is another blog. Keeping our fingers crossed.

We've planted corn, tomatoes, pumpkins, broccoli, sweet peas, peppers and basil. We did plant seeds, but I don't really remember what. I think we planted onions, carrots and lettuce. We'll just have to see. In the mean time, I'm not weeding. I'm not exactly sure what's coming up and what's a weed. Now doesn't that tell you something!