Friday, June 30, 2006

Fairhaven Fountain Park

Fairhaven Fountain Park

Final Jump Off Board and Relaxing Post Lesson

Swimming Lesson on Fun Friday 2006

Thomas is a bit in between with this year's swimming lessons. He's not very happy to sit and sing songs on the stairs leading into the water, but not yet old enough to join in with the kids in the next level up. We're really having to push the instructors to engage him more with challenging activities that the others in the group might not be able to do yet. There are kids in the water for the first time versus Thomas who is jumping from the dock and diving with daddy. Songs on the stairs just ain't cuttin' it for him this year!

My Beautiful Tractor Boy

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sneaky Soda Drinking

Thomas managed to get ahold of my soda can and helped himself to it while sitting sunning himself on the rock out front. What a life! He also took time to holler at the geese while he was at it.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Playing all Evening long!

Thomas and I had a great time running all over the yard tonight. Thomas likes to pretend he's a race car and race all around through the landscaping. He's also figuring out he likes mom to chase him around, too. Not only does Grandpa and Thomas keep the lawns mowed most every other day, but Thomas enjoys running his lawnmowers all around the edges and is quite focused on keeping the yard just so.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Camp Grandma/Grandpa Whipple

It seems that Bruce and Lillian are relishing their newfound freedom to take Thomas out in his new carseat specifically for their car. While we played it up in Seattle at the Kenny Chesney show, Thomas was out and about town checking out one of Grandpa's special haunts, the hardware store, then out for a trip to see the boats down at Zuanich Park.

Today, while mommy and daddy worked to the bone, Thomas was enjoying more Camp Whipple. He started the morning at swim lessons, which he rode to in his pajamas after sleeping in, then off sailing in Bellingham harbor. Then it was off to Joe's Garden to pick out the pea pods to eat at home. Wow! What adventures this little one has!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Jumping to Mommy into the Deep Water

My son now trusts me enough to jump into the deep water with me, and we splash, holler and carry on while swimming out in "big waves!" What a blast we are having together, although today Thomas said, "Mommy, Tommy no like. Sand really, really hot Tommy feet." I had to convince him I could cool the sand down by throwing buckets of water all over so he could continue to play. It's a heat wave in Bellingham, and the lake is finally warming up. Not bad for a Bellingham June.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Deep Water Swimming Sunday June 25th, 2006

Thomas passed another milestone today. He jumped from the dock into the deep water (passed the boat rack) into John's arms. It was so amazing to watch this little body jump for joy into his dad's arms, without much hesitation. Then he spent time swimming around the deep water, twirling circles, and then swimming towards the beach.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Silverwood Trip 2006 Going Home Early!

Of course, on the day you go home it has to be sunny! What a joke on us! Yes, it was sunny as we approached morning with a sick boy, but we made the most of it and tried to be thankful. Sitting together eating breakfast in shifts with the family, I was so happy to have had this time with them all. It's amazing to see how they function together as a family unit. They are truly blessed to have each other and share each other's days as a family.

We had to stop numerous times on the way back to change Thomas's diapers, but for the occasional bout of crying due to stomach cramps, Thomas was a trooper. I could not imagine driving that distance (9 hours) with stomach cramps and diarhea the way that boy did, not to mention a fever that I tried to keep down with Tylenol. We were very thankful to be home, sad to see the vacation we'd looked forward to come to an end, but thankful just the same for the time we had together.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Silverwood Trip 2006 Day 2

I remember John looking out of our room window and turning back to look at me. I didn't even need words to know the story. No, it was not to be. And yet, to our great relief, it was NOT raining, which would have ended the trip right there. We fueled up for the day at the fabulous lobby breakfast, then bundled up for what was sure to be a cold, yet un-rainy day at the park. Drew, Mom and Dad rode out with us earlier than the rest, and it was fun to have Drew be our first rider in the 3rd row. What a great boy Drew is! It was fun to have them all with us as we made our way inside together. I'm not quite sure which rides Drew got to go on, as I was too busy chasing after Thomas, who this year can ride all the rides in the kiddy area. It was so much fun to ride the huge Ferris Wheel together (with seatbelts this year!), take several rides on the flying elephants and then sit back and watch him tackle the helicopters and plane by himself. I was thankful when Jacob joined in on the fun where we could stand back and watch the kids ride together. My took at turn on the elephants too, and Dad joined in on the kiddie rollercoaster, as did John, Andrea and myself. Dad and John took the kids on the log ride, and Drew and John took in a big rollercoaster. Grace, bless her heart, handled it like a champ. I never heard that girl cry once on the entire trip, and let me tell you, there were times I wanted to shed a few tears, whether it be from hunger or just plain cold, or maybe after one too many flying elephant spins. What a little angel she was! After ice cream, bad chicken strips, a trip around the park in the train and a shopping excursion along the way, the guys finally hit the water park. Unfortunately, it was a quick stop, as although the weather was cold and windy, the water wasn't heated. Freezing!

We headed back to hang out with the kids in the heated indoor pools again, and that was a great time. Mom was even able to watch Thomas for us while we went down a few of the rides ourselves. It's amazing how easily a few minutes of play time will instantly take you back in time. Thomas was complaining of a tummy ache by this time, and while we'd hoped it was just the last carousel ride of the night that caused it, this wasn't looking good, either. By bedtime he was quite hot. John ran out for KFC and Subway for late dinner, and we headed for bed, hoping of the best. By 2 am, Thomas was crying with stomach cramps and had diarhea, AND he was burning up. Nope, not the carousel this time. By 4 am John ran out to the all night grocery store for Tylenol and a thermometer, as I can handle the poops and even stomach cramps. Frying my kids brain with an undetermined fever was not going to happen. I slept better knowing it was just 101.5, but we only got a few hours of sleep all night anyway, so it was little consolation....and we still had to make it home with a sick boy.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Silverwood Trip 2006 Day 1

Today we set out on the long journey to Silverwood Theme Park. Thomas is an absolutely fabulous traveler these days, and it seems such a distant memory of the days when I couldn't let the car stop rolling for fear the little cry-fest in the back would start to howl. He spent the majority of the morning playing with his cars in the back, pretending in his own world and chatting up a storm about this and that, looking around and just taking care of himself. We stopped in North Bend for breakfast, then stopping at the Starbucks in Ellensburg for caffeine fuel and a body stretch for Thomas. It's funny to introduce Thomas to the loves of this world, mainly Starbucks while traveling. It's a sad day when we travel somewhere where this is no Starbuck, and thankfully we don't go many places where one can't be search out. Thomas has been known to sneak my coffee mug at home and take a few gulps of doctored coffee before I can catch him, so it won't be long before he joins in on the world-wide phenomenon.

The weather was absolutely beautiful on the trip across the river and through the Gorge, but ominous clouds were gathering in the distance, and we knew things weren't looking good. I tried to maintain my good humor, but as we continued on and the clouds thickened and darkened, it became apparent my hopes for Eastern Washington heat were going down the toilet, and that is where my humor followed. It took every ounce of willpower I had in my bones not to throw the biggest tantrum, and even then I was muttering dark fighting words under my breath. Good thing Thomas was sleeping through it, or he would have seen a side of mommy he's never witnessed before. Angry! Yes, furious. My trip to Mexico was cold and raining. Our Memorial Day trip was cold, storming and rainy. And now we were faced with our entire water park trip to EASTERN "HEAT WAVE" Washington being rained out as well! Ahhhhhhhh!!! Wednesday was gone before we knew it, and we spent time at the Couer D'Alene mall shopping for shoes for Thomas and playing at the Burger King play structure waiting for the rest of the family to get into town. We were so very thankful we'd booked rooms at The Holiday Inn Express hooked up to an indoor water park. We ate dinner at the KFC in our parking lot, then spent the remainder of the evening at the water park. It was a lot of fun to hang out with the kids and play together, and that was the blessing of the night. I imagine we all went to bed praying for something better for tomorrow!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Friends Come over and I finally got in Lake Whatcom

Today, after going out to gym in Ferndale to run around, my friend Leanne brought her two sons over to meet and play with Thomas. We had a great time hanging out by the beach and catching up. Leanne left Bellingham a few years ago and we didn't realize they were back in town until Easter Sunday service at church.

This afternoon I finally got up the courage to brave the icy waters of Lake Whatcom and play with my son, who sucks his guts in and waves his arms around like bees are stinging him, but still manages to get himself swimming in the awful cold water. Oh, the sacrifices mothers make. I just don't want to be that mom who won't play with her kid and he'll hold that against me for the rest of his life. Man, it was torture! And then he jumped off the dock into my arms, completely soaking me with this same frigid water that was freezing my legs off and causing headaches in my calves. Amazing! Some day I better get some kudos for this one!

Tonight Brandy brought Lauren and Hayden over to play and Thomas threw his first tantrum over clothes...while he was sitting in the hot water bucket! Go figure! He's crying for his shoes as he huddles in steaming hot water! So I take him in, dry him off, all the while he's crying, screeching and carrying on like his life is ending. All for clothes! He wanted his clothes on. Once they were on, off he was, climbing the rock with Lauren and running through the yard. And to think he could have just asked....

Swimming by Himself-With Life Jacket!

John's goal for the summer was to have Thomas swimming off the dock and swimming in his life jacket. Well, today, while I was out getting Thai takeout, Thomas said, "Tommy do it," and took off towards the deep end, paddling with both arms and kicking like crazy. When I got home, Thomas was in the hot water bucket, but when prompted to show Mommy what he'd been practicing, took off for the water, his little buns shaking in his Euro-thong life jacket. And off he was! Swimming like a big boy in the deep water...all by himself, turning circles, swimming to the dock, and swimming to the log. It was so cool to see this little boy and his blond hair bobbing in the deep water and of course he had a huge grin with all the applause and cheering mommy and daddy were doing. It was so much fun.

Friday, June 09, 2006

How Time Flies-One Year ago today June 2005 and June 2006

It's amazing all the differences that happen in such a short period of time, and what a year will bring!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

New words and new delights

Bruce reported that today, after watching The Lion King once and requesting it again, Thomas said, "I love this show." when calling for the movie again.

We're looking to find someone or some people who can watch Thomas during the additional hours that we're needing these days. It seems like our work schedules are super busy and we're needing more hours that we can fill on the days that Bruce and Lil watch him. I'm supposed to have two chiropractic appointments and two massage appointments a week. That, on top of my scheduled days at work and our other activities, is a lot of time that I need. It's been super hard to fit it all in, and I'm failing to follow my treatment plan for my herniated disc because I just can't fit it all in. I'm scheduled to take vacation, have extra days at work to fill in for a coworker, make it to a dentist appointment and then get my wisdom teeth out the day after the 4th, to name a few of the "extras added to my schedule that necessitates schedule changes. Thomas can stay up at Jenny's but that can only happen at certain hours of the day based on her schedule and Thomas' nap schedule. So, anyway, we're looking for someone to pick up the slack and then help out with any additional schedule conflcts. Tonight I had Molly come over to hang out for a few hours and play while I tried to keep myself busy and out of their way, and sight. Thomas had to come find me twice just to make sure I hadn't dogged him, but he was very content and eager to hang out and play with Molly. My hope is that he gets so used to her that I'll be able to leave him with her during her few months off from school this summer, while at the same time breaking in a nanny that will continue through the summer and into the next year. I just have to hope that I can find someone who meets my very specific requirements and a person we can all enjoy being with. It's hard to think of someone other than us watching him, but it's time to admit we need some help with our schedules and just deal with it. The search is on!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Communication~Pictures on the beach!

The other day, while waiting in line for the light to change green, Thomas calls out, "oh, lookie, a firetruck, mommy!" I looked, only seeing a recycling truck near us, and said, "Oh, yeah, a firetruck?" There was a pause, then, "oh, no....act-ly, garbage truck." I was stunned. Did my just turned two year old just use the word actually? And in a correct sentence?!! You've got to be kidding me. His vocabulary is stunning these days and we find ourselves just looking at each other and smiling. Today he told his grandpa, "That really hot, though" regarding the tea pot they were talking about. "Be really sad about it," he continued in a very serious voice. Did he really use the word though correctly? Yep, and again I was watching him with my mouth hanging open.

The last several times going to the gym, I've had a talk with him before going in. He doesn't like circle time, and who can blame him? It's a bunch of other kids, sitting with their parent in a circle, singing a song and learning to stretch. Come on! He's got so much better to do with his limited gym time. There's ropes to hang from, trampolines to jump on, balance beams to climb and walk across, and bouncing floors to fly across. Don't you dare tell him he's gotta sit and sing some silly song and try to touch his toes! Well, both times I had a talk about trying to pay attention and be good for circle time, and amazing as it is, we've had two sessions now where he hasn't spent circle time crying, carrying on and trying to bolt for the door. I'm so impressed. Over and over I'm hearing the same statements from people. "Wow, he has a lot of energy." "Does he ever stop?" "He's all boy, isn't he?" "How old is he?'' " He's so big!" "He's talking?"

It's funny, because I know nothing else....well, I do know that we have friends who haven't had to put childproof their cabinet (they have girls) their kids sit and play tea parties, etc. Thomas is all boy, and loves everyone to know it. He's sweet, he a great boy, and he loves to go, go go! He is finally minding us when we say stop, and he is very easy to reason with when we're talking things through. I also realized the other night that he's saying Grandpa and Grandma very clearly now. How long has it been since we were hearing "Bah-pah"? Bruce says it's been weeks. I think we're talking 3-4 weeks.

He says things like, "OH! Lookie that!" with much drama and awe. Everything is very demonstrative and said with wonder in his voice. When I go to get him up in the morning, he's saying, "Tommy waking up." "Mommy go office." And if I'm in my workout clothes, he'll say, "Mommy go running." "Mommy go office." "Mommy go doctor."

"That hurts!" "Mommy, Tommy in nest." "Mommy, feed me in nest." "Tommy no like it." "Go choo-choo store, NOW!" "No want gelato nigh-nigh." "Tommy play cars one minute" (with fingers held up to show one minute). "Daddy, polar dip you."

Monday, June 05, 2006

Dock Jumping!

Today, Thomas jumped from the dock corner into John's arms for the 1st time. I didn't quite expect my two year old to be jumping off the dock just yet, but what a proud mommy I am these days. It's getting harder and harder to pull my son from the water, that's for sure. He'll be shaking like a leaf from the frigid water and still be trying to stay in "just one minute."