Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sometimes a half day at a time...

This week hasn't been much better, although we did manage to break the migraine cycle...we think.  Although he had some anger outbursts from what we think was the steroids he was taking all weekend, the headache was gone by Friday morning.  The other big challenge we faced was somehow getting Thomas to learn, very quickly, how to swallow pills.  Up until now he has taken liquid meds.  Now, in this new territory we find ourselves in, he must learn to take the big boy pills.  And we are working on a half day at a time.  Can we get through the  morning without a headache?  What will the afternoon look like?  Can he go to school?  Maybe the morning?  Maybe not the afternoon.  Working on half days at a time.

On Wednesday night, I went to Haggen to figure out all the new meds that Thomas needed to take.  I scrambled to find the right supplements that they wanted us to try, and had to ask the pharmacist to give me some advice.  Then I filled the prescriptions, which after spending nearly $100 bucks the other day, now ran me $77 for 7 pills of the new migraine rescue med.  Thank goodness for insurance, right?  With my hands full of medication, I went down the side aisle to find the candies and other recommendations to get Thomas "practicing" swallowing his pills.  Didn't know beforehand that M&Ms and tic tacs make good practice.  I bought pudding cups and yogurt cups in various brands, then headed down to the bread aisle.  I looked around....why is this store teeming with people?  Why are there so many dudes in the meat section holding bottles of wine?  Why is there a "buzz" to this place?  And please tell me, why is everything pink in this bakery section?!!!!! I stood there on the outskirts of the bakery and looked around, I could see various people milling around with red roses and wine bottles.  Parents with their children buying up the pink and red frosted cupcakes and sprinkled sugar cookies.  Men with flowers and balloons billowing out of their basket, browsing at the fancy chocolates and truffles and dark chocolate delights behind the display case.

It suddenly dawned on me....tomorrow is Valentine's Day....and here I stood, with my arms full of medication, without a clue, without a present or a thought to the special day.  And I had to chuckle at it all or I would cry.  In the midst of crisis, with my heart more heavy than I'd ever felt, there was no time for the silliness of this holiday.  Sad, yes, but nothing to do about it now.

I hurried out of the store with tears in my eyes, wishing for answers, hoping that on Valentine's day we could celebrate not just a holiday of love, but of a new beginning.

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